INFRATECH WD-Series 39" Dual Element 5,000 Watt Stainless Steel Quartz Heater


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Outdoor Infrared Heaters

Double the warmth with Infratech's WD-Series heaters. This high powered unit features dual element, to provide a more concentrated heat. This makes the WD-Series an ideal choice for recessed installation, premium outdoor heating applications, and spaces with 8' to 12' mounting heights and large-scale coverage areas.

Infratech infrared heaters are 90% energy efficient, UL listed for outdoor and indoor use and are easy and inexpensive to operate. This heater is ideal for use in fine homes, restaurants, hotels and more. 

Infrared Patio Heaters 

Similar to being heated by the sun, infrared heaters heat surrounding objects and people, transferring the heat to surfaces and skin. Objects and people absorb the heat given off by the infrared heater, which in turn increases the warmth in the room.

Infrared heaters heat those near the actual heaters, without interfering with the surrounding oxygen.

Our 39" 5000 Watt Infratech Dual Heater is a dual element fixture that will generate more concentrated heat for your outdoor area than most alternatives. This specific heater is perfect when installed in settings that have higher height requirements or when more heat is desired. 

Furthermore, this patio heater integrates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared radiant energy. The radiant energy heats solid objects and is not wasted heating the surrounding air.

This means a more efficient heating system for you and your guests, year round.

Model WD5024SS features:

  • 5,000 watt
  • 20.8 amps
  • 240 Volt Stainless Steel - Standard
  • Available in 208v, 277v, and 480v - Est. 2 - 4 weeks lead time.
  • 39" Length
  • 6" Stainless Steel Mounting Kit Included
  • UL listed
  • Outdoor or Indoor use
  • Quartz Element
  • Approximate 5,000 hours of use on quartz element
  • 8' to 12' Mounting height
  • 0 to 60° Mounting Angle
  • Approximate 9' x 10' Heat Coverage
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs
  • Custom Powder Coating available in White, Almond, Beige, Bronze, Gray, Copper, and Black - Est. 2 - 4 weeks lead time.
  • Infratech Comfort heating products are NOT "plug in" heaters. They must be installed and "hard wired" by a licensed electrician based on the specific power requirements of the product and will often require a dedicated circuit and the appropriate power at the point of installation.  Infratech heaters are "Real Heaters" designed for maximum performance, long term durability, and user safety.

Better than Traditional Outdoor Fireplaces

Traditional fireplaces are less than 50% efficient when producing heat. Fireplaces also require ventilation, have a larger profile, provide limited heat control, and require more maintenance.

Infratech heaters convert over 90% of their input energy directly into radiant heat, emit zero greenhouse gasses, and are extremely easy to manage.

Infratech heaters boast a variety of benefits:

  • No Moving Parts
  • Low Maintenance
  • Suitable for multiple installations - ceiling, wall or flush mount
  • No tanks to fill

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