INFRATECH 1 Relay Home Management Control Panel #30-4061


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Now you can enjoy greater convenience and efficiency by integrating the controls for an Infratech heating system with your home management system. We offer a range of controls that align with top-selling systems like Lutron™, Crestron™ and more. When controlling Infratech heaters through your home management system, you can choose from a variety of decorative switches, wall plates, and operator interfaces.

Decorative heating controls can be installed right next to your home management lighting controls, for a clean, attractive presentation that complements the style of your home. 

Easy to Use Controls

The home management control panels interface uses a 0-10V DC signal for streamlined installation and straightforward programming. From the ability to save your preferred heating setting to the latest off-site control via iPhone applications, you can choose the functionality that best suits your lifestyle. 

Model #30-4061 features: (2 to 4 weeks lead time)
  • 9,000 watt maximum (for 240 volt)
  • 8,000 watt maximum (for 208 volt)
  • NEMA 4 enclosure:
  • Interior measurement: 20" h x 14" w x 6" d
  • Exterior measurement: 20" h x 16" w x 7" d
  • Requires 0-10V DC input
  • UL Listed
  • Made in the USA 
  • 3 Year Warranty

Heating Control at Your Fingertips

Now you can enjoy enhanced, climate-controlled comfort in any residential or commercial indoor and outdoor setting. Infratech offers a wide range of versatile control options that can help you get optimal convenience, performance, and value out of your heating system.
From simple on/off switches to comprehensive solid state controls that can also provide zoning and timer functions. Infratech can match controls to any heating configuration, setting or budget.