Kason 1277 Series Cam-Lift Hinges


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Kason 1277 Series Heavy Duty Hinges

  • Tough, economical self-closing hinges
  • Sizes to fit all supermarket, cold storage and other heavy duty walk-in requirements
  • Precision machined steel cams gently raise and lower door for easier opening and less gasket wear
  • No dwell
  • Extra wide strap and reinforcing ribs on underside of flange provide great strength and durability.
  • Stress tested through thousands of slam cycles.
  • Reversible, without disassembly, for right- or left-opening door.
Part Number Description Offset
K1277-01 Reversible Cam-Lift Strap Hinge Flush
K1277-02 Reversible Cam-Lift Strap Hinge 1-1/8"
K1277-03 Reversible Cam-Lift Strap Hinge 1-1/4"

Finish: Chrome Butt, Zinc Blade   Blade Screws: (5) 5/16" Pan Head 

Butt Screws: (4) 3/8" Pan Head

Note: Screws are not included