Polar 324 Non-Safety Walk-In Latch


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Polar 324 Non-Safety Walk-In Latch

  • Heavy duty cast iron lock for heavy refrigerated and freezer doors.
  • Body drilled for padlock.
  • Has adjustable roller strike that permits take up of play in door when gasket flattens from use.
  • Forms perfect seal and prevents loss of refrigeration.
  • Body and case made of cast iron.

Finish: Grey Powder Coat

Part Number Description Offset
324-A01 Latch Complete w/push rod Flush
324-B01 Latch Complete w/push rod 11/16" to 1-1/2"
324-02 Latch Only -

Latch Screws: (5) 1/4" Oval Head   Strike Screws: (3) 1/4" Oval Head

Note: Screws not included.