SUNGLO A270 Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Portable Heater


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The Sunglo Model A270 portable propane heater is ideal for open patio designs. The model offers the flexibility to move or remove the heaters as needed. An optional tie-down kit is available to secure heaters to patio deck where required. When used with a standard 20 lb propane cylinder, the heater can be operated continuously for approximately 10 hours. Heat coverage varies depending on the wind exposure on a patio. The average spacing between these heaters is 12 ft. apart.

Model A270 utilizes a manually operated control system requiring no electrical power. The battery operated DSI pilot ignition makes lighting the pilot easy and convenient. This heater offers a large aluminum reflector for maximum comfort, a primary aerated burner for minimal noise, and 100% safety shutoff. 

Sunglo A270 is truly the original outdoor patio heater. 

Model A207SS features: 

  • Self Contain Patio Heater
  • 40,000 Btu/Hr
  • Heavy Duty 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 100% Safety Shutoff
  • Approximate 12' Heat Coverage
  • Battery Operated Spark Ignition
  • No Electrical Requirement
  • Thermal Safety Shut-off
  • Propane Gas
  • Rain Protected
  • Wind Resistant
  • CSA Design Certified
  • 58 lbs Wt Base
  • Made in the USA

Sunglo Heater A270 Technical Sheet

A270 Instructions

Patio Heaters for All Occasions

Don't let the sun going down or an unexpected weather change negatively affect your outdoor dining and event. With a Sunglo outdoor heater you can comfortably and efficiently warm your outdoor dining and entertaining areas. Sunglo outdoor patio heaters are produced by Infrared Dynamics, one of the most recognized leaders in the outdoor comfort heating business. 

For over 30 years Sunglo products have developed quality and feature customers have come to expect. Sunglo heaters work utilizing radiant heat to warm people and objects without having to heat the surrounding air. Radiant heat quietly provides outdoor warmth by utilizing a deep dish reflector on the patio heater, to send heat over a large area so all can enjoy it. Sunglo's patio heaters are specially designed to stay lit even in a light breeze. Through the use of infrared heat, the air temperature does not need to build up before you feel the warmth of the emerging Sunglo patio heater. Infrared heat passes through the air heating people and all solid objects.

Heater Installation:

Sunglo Heaters are intended to be installed by qualified personnel specifically trained and experienced in the installation of this type of heater and related system components. Some states or provinces require installation and service personnel to be licensed. If you state or province is such, be sure your contractor bears the appropriate license. Persons not qualified shall not attempt to install or repair this heater.

For Outdoor Use Only:

Sunglo heaters are designed for outside use only. They are not for use in residential dwelling or other confined areas. Semi-enclosed patio are permissible provided they have adequate permanent openings around the patio periphery and meet the requirements for outdoors as defined in the installation instructions.

Clearance from Combustible Materials:

Sunglo heaters all require a minimum distance from walls and ceilings. This is an important consideration before you purchase.  Refer to instructions for details


Sunpak Heaters require adequate combustion air and ventilation to operate safely and efficiently. This requires openings above and below the level of the heater. Refer to the heater instructions for more detail.

Propane Safety:

There are several points you should keep in mind regarding propane safety
  • If you smell gas discontinue use of the heater until heater is repaired
  • When checking for leaks always used a soap-water solution, NEVER a match or flame
  • Turn off tank whenever the heater is not in use
  • Make sure the connector hose is free from cuts or abrasions
  • NEVER store spare tanks under a stairway or an enclose area.

Agency Certification:

Sunglo heaters are design certified by the CSA under the ANSI Z83.26 standard

Heater Gas Conversion:

The factory does not support converting heaters to different gases. Each heater has been setup and tested for a specific gas type.  Please make sure you select the correct gas type, Natural or Propane gas, before making your purchase.

Clearance around the heater must be maintained: